02-023-5366 #28
The Foundation has the objective to provide initial assistance to tourists in case of emergencies and to coordinate to seek assistance including collaboration with charitable organizations and other public interest organizations in favor of foreign tourists as follows :

1. For the purpose of social welfare with the objective to provide initial assistance to tourists in the case of emergencies such as meeting with accidents which render them unable to help themselves being mugged, robbed, snatched of property or in other cases of emergency that the embassy could not help or due to insufficient budget or no relative is available

2. To operate in collaboration with charitable organizations or other public organizations.

3. To launch various projects that benefits tourist attractions as well as tourists.

4. To cooperate with the government sector to promote and support tourism.


Thank you for joining with Tourists Assistance Foundation. It was very thoughtful. Having your kind support is of great assistance in my success activity.


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